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Natural Bodyz Fitness provides the ultimate fitness experience. As two of the top gyms in Virginia Beach, Natural Bodyz Fitness has everything you need to accomplish any goal that you set out to achieve! No matter what your age, level of experience, schedule, or budget, this is the place for you to achieve your fitness goals.

Natural Bodyz Fitness-24/7 welcomes all fitness levels and anyone who desires the many benefits of regular exercise. We pride ourselves on having a family atmosphere that seems to be missing in the “big box fitness centers”. We welcome lifters, bodybuilders, athletes, soccer moms, and everyone in between!

Members can train with our team of USA Elite Personal Trainers Virginia Beach, who are 100% dedicated to their client’s success and making each goal a reality. Come to one of two top gyms in Virginia Beach, Natural Bodyz Fitness Kempsville and Natural Bodyz Fitness Bayside.

Are You Just Beginning Your Fitness Journey?

We offer circuit machines with over 16 pieces of equipment that are designed for all fitness levels. Further, we have a large range of dumbbells (3’s,5’s,7’s,10’s, and up!) so that you can progress through each exercise at your own pace and always feel challenged. We also have free weight machines and smaller free weight bars to accommodate all fitness needs. Our fitness center’s cardiovascular training equipment includes; Star Track Treadmills, stair mills, Star Track ellipticals, recumbent bikes and to top it off, there’s even a cardio cinema at our Kempsville location and a crossfit room at our Bayside location!.

Ready to take your fitness to the NEXT LEVEL?

Our fitness center facilities are stocked with equipment to help you kick your fitness level up a notch and achieve the results you desire! With over 16 pieces of quality circuit machines (York, Bodymaster, Nautilus, and Cybex equipment!) as well as two free weight squat racks, two smith machines, lifting platforms, plate loaded machines and dumbbells from 3-150 lbs at both locations, Natural Bodyz has all the tools to help you elevate your training.

Are you preparing for a race or special event?

As two of the top gyms in Virginia Beach, we offer the right equipment for your training needs. We offer a variety of functional training equipment that is designed to get you in top shape for an event or race including; marathons, obstacle-course races and mud runs. Our outdoor training area has plenty of space and equipment to fit your training needs: (push/pull sleds, tractor tires with sledge hammers, battle ropes, hurdles, etc.). In addition, training and nutrition programs can be designed to optimize performance in areas such as speed, endurance, agility, power, and body control.

Are you an Athlete/Competitor, training for your next show or competition?

Natural Bodyz Fitness is optimal in training fitness centers for athletes and competitors alike who require a variety of training tools and options. We offer everything you need to train for peak performance while also providing specialized programs to help get you there!

  • Show selection
  • 16 week Diet (Includes all last week tips)
  • 16 workout and cardio routine
  • Posing instruction – how to perform proper T-Walk
  • Posing instruction – how to execute quarter turns, mandatory poses and create a evening routine
  • Music creation
  • Suit selection – web location
  • High Def Air brush Tanning
  • Photo and video documentation
  • On site with you on show day

Total Body Transformation!

Total Body Transformation Season 8 is here!

SIGN UP NOW!! Sign-ups will be held until August 3rd at Natural Bodyz Fitness or online at Event Brite! – We are looking for the first 65 people who have decided to transform their lives. So hurry and sign up today! Starts August 7th!

What you receive:

  • 12 week comprehensive workout and nutrition guide custom made for each contestant by USA Elite Trainers.
  • 12 One hour workout sessions (Saturdays)
  • Discounted personal training (25% off a 4 month package)
  • Discounted supplements (20% off)
  • Weekly nutritional meetings after each workout (30 min sessions).
  • 3 Month membership at Natural Bodyz Fitness

To learn more, contact us here.

Natural Bodyz Fitness - Open 24/7

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Visit two of the top gyms in Virginia Beach offering top notch fitness, Natural Bodyz Fitness-24/7. At NBF we offer state of the art equipment and USA Elite Personal Trainers.


NBF Kempsville Location

Natural Bodyz Fitness-24/7 Virginia Beach

Address: 5386 Kempsriver Dr. Suites 5, 6 & 7, Virginia Beach, VA 23464

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NBF Bayside Location

Natural Bodyz Fitness-24/7 Virginia Beach

Address: 1608 Pleasure House Road. Suite 110 & 111, Virginia Beach, VA 23455

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